AWANA with my Boys

Like a mama goose and her crew

My boys and I walk through 

A door that's painted green.


My three little tikes

Their growing up - YIKES!

Are five, seven and seven. 


No, I'm not a mother

But one time or other

They've sat on my lap.


Mr.-Know-it-all 5,

Land sakes alive,

Has cute big eyes through glasses.


Next is seven #1

Who's hight is stunned

But maturaty is not.


Last is seven #2 

A littly boy who

Has the energy of a bomb!


All three 

Tell me

What they know about thier Maker


Every Wednesday night

The Light shines bright 

As we learn about God together. 


I'd never trade my time

Not 10,000,000 dimes

Could keep me from that bunch!


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