An Awakening Journey


Cold air and snow

My favorite season

The music is so loud you can feel the ground shake

My brother's best friend's wedding

I have a book in hand, high heels on

Reading the Sorceror's Ston as I think of the future


The sadness doesn't seen so heartbreaking anymore

I think I'm over it 

The world is so much better than it was last year


Oh no...

My mother's best friend is in the hospital

The hallway is full at 3am as they carry away the body

I'm afraid

The tears don't stop all night

At 5am, it's raining


April Fools!

I wish it was a joke

My friends don't seem real


I know I promised myself to be happy, but I can't see it anymore

I feel alone again


Summer reading and Ramadan

My mother talks about her buried friend, sighs every few seconds

My heart breaks for her, but I am powerless



He was only 19

At the graveyard we see a girl grieving over her brother\

Why is death everywhere?


My brother is too afraid to start driving 


I'm afraid of the future

A spontaneous trip back to where it all started


But he's not here

I've been missing him for centuries, but he's not here

The sadness engulfs me on the flight home

I'm afraid of the future


I feel so alone, once again

I wonder if he thinks of me


I only miss it more when everyone surrounds me

I have to learn to be happy again

Donald Trump, President of the United States?

I'm so afraid

From this day, I learn to start watching my own back

Just in case someone decides to attack me for my faith

Crying at school becomes common for me now

A girl in class tells me "all terrorists are Muslim"


Another year, gone

What if...

What if I could be a Muslilm, female Senator?

My crazy dreams are achievable

A girl tells me of her uncle and molestation

I hand her a book

I miss the past

But the future is going to be better

InshaAllah, if God wills it

I pray for a better future as the clock strikes 12

Welcome to the future

This poem is about: 
My country


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