Born in the dark.

Eyes as bright as diamonds.

Crying with life.

Fiercely fighting out of fear

For death is yet a constant tear.


Emerging from a deep slumber.

Eyes still bright like diamonds.

Mind like a knife upon paper.

Emotions run deep within my shell.

Coursing through my veins.


Growing up.

Learning through mistakes.

Taking inhuman steps.

Separate from the world.

Balled up around darkness.

Yet, conveying light.


Shyly, I open up.

A delicate flower.

Such graceful movements.

Relying on sight for what ears cannot hear.


A pounding heart.

Fear engulfs my body.

Light dances away from me.

Slipping through my hands.

As tears fall down like rain.


I find myself born anew.

Waves of confidence seeps from within.

No longer needing to depend.

Surely I have Awakened.


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