Awaken Please

Wake up. (speaker 1)

Wake up. (speaker 2 )

Wake up! (speaker 3)


And listen to the world around you. (sp.1)

We're in a revolution, (sp.2)

The young people's revolution, (sp.3)

And we need you,  (sp.1)

To wake up. (all)


Join us in our mission to enlighten, (sp.2)

To overcome, (sp. 3)

To change, (sp.1)

Not just ourselves, but the world. (sp.1)


Wake up and 

Smell the roses, 

Look at the world around you. 

What do you see? (sp.2)


A young generation with no prosperity? 

I tell you now,

If you open your eyes, 

You'll truly find, 

That many of us thrive. (sp. 3)

So wake up! (all)


And listen to what we have to say, (sp. 1)

Listen up here,

From the mouth of a babe. (sp.2)


Wake up.

The worlds consciousness is growing, (sp.3)

The love for one another is gradually showing, (sp.1)

Don't hold on to your hate 

Or negative vibes, (sp. 2)

We ALL come to this earth to live... and then die. (all)


Once you realize we are all the same, 

 What once was, turns foggy and grey. (sp.3)

The drape falls down, revealing all

You start to look with this feelings of awe. (sp. 1)


Wake up. (sp.3)

See for yourself,

If this land is true,

The first step to take,

Well, it starts with You. (sp. 2)


Awaken. (sp. 1)

Please... (all)



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