Awaken To The Lies

I speak my wishes into existence.

I will no longer go through this self resistance.

I set myself free to fly amongst the sea.

I soar through the sky escaping reality.

My heart is filled with the joys of life.
It cannot contain all of this light.
It bursts into flames of true passion.
Warmth and happiness, true compassion.
Overwhelming delight, confident soul.
Feeling repaired, feeling whole.
Eyes brighter than the moon,
Looking forward to what’s coming soon.
Optimism taking flight,
Then suddenly my mind turns off the light.

Deep within the realms of my mind,
Lies the darkest corners of the sublime.
Behind cracked, broken smiles,
Is a history of scars going on for miles.
Time ticking until my last breath,
How long will it be before my death?
Swarming my mind, demons trapped inside,
Because you see, there’s nowhere to hide.
And when all hope is lost, I start to remember,
“Sooner or later, things will get better.”
And then, suddenly a light turns on.
The sun rises, it’s the brink of dawn.

The world tells us lies to cloud our vision.

Opening my eyes to it was an important decision.

Before these moments of pleasure lied despair.

Feeling alone as if no one cared.

Deep echoes inside my head.

Nothing is said about the tears I’ve shed.

Is there peace in a world full of fear?

Questioning whether I really belong here.

Detaching from those I’ve once called home.

If they cared, they wouldn’t have left me alone.

Being told that I’m being disowned.

Torn bridges with the hopes of being sewn.

Trembling at the very thought.

Reflecting on the mental battles I’ve fought.

Being watched by eyes of deception.

They attempt to control my life’s direction.

“We know what’s best for you” is what they claim,

But when it comes to issues, I’m who they blame.

Preparing for the worst is what I’m used to.

Being happy is what I’ve longed to do.

Corruption bleeding through words of false tales.

Run for cover if all else fails.

Learning to open your eyes to the lies.

Starting to realize the pain you’ve hidden inside.

And as you awaken to false hope,

You’ll question the ways on how to cope.

This world isn’t as free as it seems to be.

All I see are chains, locks, and no key.

Will others listen to my voice?

Will others realize that they have a choice?

I wish to free this world, plant a new seed.

So long as they choose to follow my lead.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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