Average Teen


United States
26° 43' 15.4164" N, 81° 56' 33.252" W

Days feel like weeks

Weeks feel like months

Months feel like years

Years feel like forever

Forever is a long time

Till I can climb into your arms

I need someone to hold me tight

And tell me everything will be alright


I cry myself to sleep

The world is crumbling to my feet

I live everyday on repeat

This is the life of an average teen


You can find me chilling

In my mind

I got different voices

And they all talk at the same time

Distracting me from conversations

And school lessons

That I've never paid attention to anyway


If I look calm

Just know I got a war going on

In my head

And my heart beats as if it wants to jump

Out of my chest

And my fingers twitch

And my skin starts to itch

And I can't think straight

I might start to cry and you'll never know why

Cause most people don't catch my eyes






This poem is about: 
Our world


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