I'm just your average girl

Just a bit more quiet then average
Just a bit shorter than average
Just a bit lonelier than average 
Just a bit more sad than average.
Now that I think about it,
What is it?
The median?
The mode?
The range?
A similarity between many?
A commonality?
Is it a bit louder than I?
A bit taller than I?
A bit less lonely than I?
A bit happier than I?
What is average when you have so many exceptions?
A slim group of similarities?
What about the exceptions?
The anomalies
The outcasts
The, "different ones"
If the "average" don't have big issues or
problems or 
diseases or 
What are they?
Aren't they the non-average ones?
If so many people have issues or
problems or 
diseases or 
disorders or
Then they ("the average people") should be
The exceptions
The anomalies 
The outcasts,
The "different ones"


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