Autumn Winds






The night was cold 

the stars are out 

but my heart was sinking fast 

while I started thinking about the past

it was autumn when the pains started

the cold wind calling me again,


I could see the pains you were give me

in the cold silence the old velvet moon 

hung low in gloom;

the autumn leaves dropping down 

just like the cold breeze,


The stars lite up the sky 

while my pains were cutting

deep within me; 

I felt I could no longer breath 

every time memories of you

comes dancing around my mind,


Oh, autumn wind your anger 

is making a wild storm 

that is bring on panic 

that brings Dark Angel near,


Oh, this pain

comes to me like a whisper 

deep into the autumn night 

given me so much fright 

broken is my spirit,


Dark Angel was only an item 

you put a spell upon the autumn wind

just to whisper your angers

time and time again.


Poetic Judy Emery © 1980


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