To Autumn on a Clear Night

You are a star.

A burning ball of ethereal



through space.

The speed of light within

your reach at a moments



Your warmth crashes through

the darkest corners

of the universe

and all that feel it are

given new life in happiness

and understanding.


You are a spectacle to

the curious eyes below,

they gaze at you in

wonderment and

stand in awe of your

fluid, semless movement

througth the dark around you.


You are a star.

A beacon for those who wish.


To gaze upon your splendor is

to see divine light projected

across time.


I'm glad I stopped.

I'm glad that I was ripped

violently away from a year of

self loathing

to one day, wake up,

and realize that

I love you.

I love your solar flares.

I love your fiery glares.

I love you

Dancing through


to me,

and if I can,

I will stay in this moment,

this captivating, burning microcosm,



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