Autobiography in Five Chapters, Re-imagined: High School


Chapter One

I am a grown up. I am now an adult.

I walk to the beat of my own drum.

There are no real rules, no real consequences.

There are so many people.

I see only myself.

They are wordlessly moving their mouths, silence.


Chapter Two

Some things are very hard to deal with.

Someone else is beating on my drum.

Classrooms, teachers, students, a big blur.

They all seem to be pulling strings.

But I cannot move that fast.

I think I can hear people talking.


Chapter Three

I think I’ve left.

No one cares and now I don’t either.

I’m too weak to beat on my drum.

I must handle business, I am an adult.

I think I may be screaming, I can’t hear myself.

Why is everyone shouting?


Chapter Four

Someone pressed fast forward.

They treat me as an adult.

I am lightly tapping on my drum.

Consumed by decisions I am forced to make.

I may not be qualified to make these choices.

I hear them talking, I’m trying to listen


Chapter Five

I feel it, an epiphany.

I am a child.


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