autism's I love you

In honor of ________ who brought an autistic boy into her home just because she loved him.


A little boy almost four, looks up to me.

Riding his trike in circles around a tree.

Dimples displaying his inner melody.

Never heard because he never speaks.


He cries when he is scared.

Comfort found only in words.

Words don’t touch the skin,

Don’t explode the nerves.


He lashes out when words don't make sense.

How can something so plain be so mysterious?


Emotions are elusive. Slippery things.

He finds one deep inside. Wrangles and subdues it.

He finds the humor in the joke, but it fades before he can keep it.

Like a balloon that bursts, anger sweeps his face.


His life is happy just like mine but he gets only a moment.

A moment isn’t much time. This is a fact, most agree.

A few seconds strung together when time seems infinite and fleeting.

Words can describe, but never convey.

“I love you” this little boy will never get to say.

I know that he mans it. With each little smile.

He loves me today. He loves me tomorrow.


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