Autism, a unique disability. 

Often diagnosed before the age of 3. 
Though is it really a disability to live in a world of fantasy? Where your imagination runs free beyond your wildest dreams. It's rather remarkable that there are autistic kids who are better problem solvers then some world leaders. The mind of an autistic person is like diving into the ocean going deeper and deeper. Doctors and scientists don't fully understand what causes autism so that leaves many people wondering what does? Could it be drinking during pregnancy ? Could it be drugs ? Those could be factors, however not in every situation. Even though they might be a little different , autistic people still go on to receive their education. They're just like you and me, they have heroes , hobbies , and favorite cereals. Only difference is we outgrew our childhood some years ago. Autistic people are stuck as a child , even as they get old. 



Nicely done and your facts are on point!!!


Thank you, I actually had to do this for a class presentation. This was my first ever poem written and I felt it was really great and other people would appreciate it.

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