The Author



They crash, turn and spin
Inside of my head and the
worlds that I live in and 
Giving birth to the images I
create; Procreate; Recreate
Oh! But these worlds that exist
in the great expanse, in the universe of my brain
People, place, things and faces
They all clamor for attention
like needy children; They are my children
Full of blood, sweat and pain
Happiness, want and gaining
And oh! how they go about
their lives beneath me, inside me
Screaming to get out
Their lives, their stories
Depending on the ink in my hand
I am their god!
I create them, I destroy them
Build them up, and I rearrange them
I control their fates; Only I
can change it
I know what’s going to happen
to them; Their loss and heroic
They are me and not me
Bits and pieces of me
And you, and her, and him
That one guy that one time
The lives, the faces and places and people
All swirl in pictures and words
Flowing out onto the page
And these words; They’ll
build up these worlds
Procreate, recreate, create
’Til my story is


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