Authentic Self


United States
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Hair too messy, skin too pale

Greying eyes that no sleep could evade

Without the filter I see what others cannot

What I refuse to show, because I am afraid of me


Without the filter, I worry too much

I think and think and think

I think so much, I have nothing to say

My mind, a paranoid hypocrisy


I have fallen under as a slave to the lies of my mind

Lost sight of reality to the point of almost no return

But as I stare, I am forced to accept

Without this mask, I have learned who I am


And now it is time to bring myself back.



Darling, if you weren't here you'd never be able to hold him in your arms again

If you weren't here you'd never be able to laugh with them again

You may not see a point, but there is so much life still left to live

Your mind has forgotten, but these small things still exist


Darling, you think handwriting beautiful

And people who decorate wonderful

You find beauty in the power of words

And you'd give anything to strum a chord and be heard


Your mind has made you forget, but these small things still exist



Theres a war raging inside, but I am no longer afraid

With or without the filter I see what only I can see

A person, still developing, but so deserving

A human being, that is in need of change


There's all this pressure to do something great

But just a change in thinking could change the world

It can alter the whole perception of what you see

And no matter if they notice it or not,


I have finally embraced these things that make me me.



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