The Authentic Me

When I take photos there is no filter
When I describe me there is no filter
When I am me there is no filter
Why put a filter when you can just be you?
Why be 50% you?
When you could be 100% you all the time
I use #no filter
I use #no makeup ever
I use #beautiful inside and out
I use #honest with me honest with the world
Why should I hide my inner beauty?
Why should I live a lie?
I know I don’t hide
I tell all
I am not afraid to say I have disorders like
ADHD, Insomnia, Social Anxiety
I am not afraid to tell of my past
I don’t use filters of any kind
For they call you a lie
They call you unworthy of showing your true self
They show who you are as a person
They show that you don’t feel confident in yourself
For me filters are not used
So I am the authentic me all the time
Live the life of #no filter


Stormie Shadle

Copyright: Photo taken by stormie shadle

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