the fire and | i lie

the ash is | here in the

choking | darkness with

choking the | only my

bodies of | paper bag

my family | clothes to

lying in | hide me from

peace now | the bite

my eyes are | of the

dry and | wind

there are | and the

no more | eddies of

tears left to | sorrow

cry | swirl around my

and the black | heart and

ink of the | the glaring

night flows | light shines in

around the | my eyes and

furnaces and | into my

flames spill | skull

into the | erasing my

sky | thoughts

low buildings like | myself

concrete slabs | and i

cling to | am gone with

the ground | my family

afraid to | and we’re

venture any | all gone and

further into | i’m not coming

the coal | back ever to

of dusk | where i

and | was


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