“Ow!”, “Stop!”, “Why me, why me?”

Aurelie forgot the last time that she was filled with glee.

She always got bullied everyday.

She always tried to avoid it but things never went her way.


She shaved her head so that they would stop pulling her hair

And so that they would stop picking on her, she changed the clothes that she’d wear.

She even tried to go to a different school

But her parents said that she should learn to take the ridicule.


She ran out of things to do so she cried and cried.

Eventually, she fell asleep with her tears not yet dried.

When she woke up, her long and beautiful hair returned

She also had on a shining blue dress that had the ends burned


She was no longer in her room, but instead in a meadow

Then a woman wearing a vintage black dress came towards Aurelie and said hello

The women looked at Aurelie mystified and said “You’re more powerful than you’ll ever know

Because of this there’s a role for you that I must bestow.”


Aurelie stood there confused but curious.

So Aurelie said that she got the wrong person but the woman still looked serious.

The woman insisted that Aurelie was powerful and that she’s always 

been a fighter then the woman her and she was suddenly in a daze.


When she was able to concentrate again, she was looking down at the world in all its hues

She almost didn’t recognize the pain in her arm until it felt like a big bruise

Aurelie looked at her arm and written in blue 

was “The Protector” and she suddenly knew all that she needed to

To this day she protects people from the pain that she experienced by giving them a little bit of the power that that woman gave her.


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