august 23rd

in highschool i was called a prude 

because i was saving myself for the one

the boys would tell me i was crude

for being such a nun

i wore a ring to represent 

but the night of august 23rd i forgot what that meant 

well i didnt actually give consent

i guess i should have seen it coming

i went to a party called "no pants" 

the last thing i remember i was drunk and running 

to his house while holding hands 

he took my virginity and fucked me

while i was fast asleep 

and at 9 am the next morning, i went straight to the pharmacy 

i wish i knew it was fifty dollars to buy plan B 

i didnt hear from him again 

until two years later when he saw I was thin 

i fell for his tricks and we dated for a year 

i forgave his mistakes, i forgot every tear 

he lied and cheated and broke my soul 

he made me believe me without him was dull

i loved him then and i still love him now

but he raped me and broke me so i dont know how 

when will i respect myself enough to walk away 

remember when he took you home and had sex with your best friend the very next day

he didn't care the way you did, you need to let him go 

you once thought you were carrying his kid 

and he didnt even know 

if he cared about you even a little 

you wouldnt feel this way

he should have met you in the middle 

he should have let you go in May 

it wasnt his to take away

i hope you understand 

to fuck a girl while she's asleep

he's a sick and twisted man

forgive yourself stop forgiving him 

close the door and lock it tight 

do not let him come in 






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