The Audience

What do the eyes see?

Permanent vibrant colors

Or chalk drawn images

Washed up

When the rain comes

Dripping onto rooftops


Down walls

Perforated edges

Warranting black mold

A living bacterium

Spreading quietly

Destructive regeneration

Daily disintegration

Do migraines form

When we come through the doors

What do the ears hear?

Harmonious melodies

Or fingernails

Scratching a board



Blood streaming

From the process

Of sound waves

Hitting eardrums

Blood dripping from the pinna

A piercing pain

Begging that we refrain

From speaking

Another word

Another song

Do ear canals cry

When we walk by

What does the heart feel?


The action of speaking



Covered by grace

Yet an act of disgrace

If the process

Of using

Abusing unmerited favor

Injuring strangers

Our neighbors

See deeds committed

In dark corners


Lives like fecal matter

Nothing but chatter


Hopes of emancipation



Performing as if

There is no consequence

No development

Those in distant caves

Much like Plato’s


Do you know the tale?

Of entrapment

No light shines within


Is the sun to its inhabitants

Instead of growing

Residents shrink

Is our testimony



To where we beckon

Souls to come

Enjoy the sun

No the Son

Radiating energy

Or does our synergy

The sum of our actions

Determine their reaction

To see our light

Quickly eclipsed

By clouds of hypocrisy

I wonder if

You can feel this

Broken relationship

With the Savior

Our Helper


Do we clog arteries

When we speak

Words that fall

From lips cracked

That lack living water

Phrases are only clichés

Of saturated fats

Empty nutrition

No vitamins absorbed

Our vitality ignored

Without Omega 3’s


A deadly disease

How does your heart beat?

Please test for rhythms of defeat


A picture

A reflection

Displaying different textures




Not a mere gesture

But a story

With or without glory

Is told

Behold Bethesda

Dip thyself

Till ears hear

Angelic sounds again

Behold Jordan

Cross over

The muddy waters

To love again

No judgement

No ideological hindrances

Just love

Pure agape

Let love become

Our forte

A free a la carte

Inviting all

To “Oh taste and see”

Allowing the word

To live within

Work within

Purge within


Give permission

To become

In submission

Heart yielding practices


That strengthen the core


Our foundation

Ensuring the Cornerstone

The Rock of Salvation

Isn’t imitated


With synthetics

Of our gospel

Our righteousness


Reeking of pompousness

Toxicities inhaled

Because we do fail


Let us compel

Applying Christ

Always as our rationale


What do you see?

What do I see?

But what do they see?


This poem is about: 
Our world



Yes this is very true and insightful.  Love it.

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