Attempting New Things


All I ever seem to do is stare at the walls

Acting like something's just going to jump off and hit the papers

But nah words ain't no fucking shape shifters

Neither is a love that never seemed to turn to vapor

It was all so solid and clear

I drank and swallowed down pills

Hoping that this feeling in my gut was just bullshit

But nah it was all fear

Fear of what would happen in a year

Fear of everything in the atmosphere

Fear that you would just jump up and disappear

Fear that something would interfere

But that shit ain't something you could steer

Into the direction of your destination

Because it ain't no fucking ship

You can't make like the titanic and dip

We all seem to crumble and slip

It's like god just hit you with his whip

To wake you up from all the shit your future will throw

So don't keep screaming No! No! No!

Even if you're at the lowest point

The main goal was to not disappoint

It was as clear and needlepoint

But damn sometimes it just slaps you in the face

And runs away expecting you to chase

Trip and fall on all the cracks on the sidewalk

It's not so smooth

You can't moonwalk

The roller coasters turns just get more and more

Worse than they were before

It becomes a war

Between what you want and he wants

It ain't no cute girl fonts

Not anymore

It's the bold lettering

The process of bettering

It's like being put on gunpoint

You can't make the wrong moves or its a mistake

You don't get no fucking break

It's a tiring fight

And fight all night

And all day

To keep the one you love

Not push and shove

Words don't jump off the walls like Spider-Man

They dig deep in your head like the boogeyman

Words don't jump off the walls

They ain't gonna be scattered in the halls

Love doesn't just jump off the walls

It's not scattered in the motherfucking halls

It's not written in the bathroom stalls

It's a battle

And if it's worth it

It'll ring like a baby's rattle

No struggles

Just happiness and peace

A fucking masterpiece



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