Athena and Arachne

Enter Athena, a woman of might,

a popular Pinterest queen in her own right.

Her crafts were unrivaled and really quite clever,

and everyone thought her reign would be forever.

Especially sought after were her stitched signs

with phrases like "Well, life's better with wine!"

Her stitchwork unparalleled, they sold for a lot,

until one Sunday, when it all seemed to stop.

Enter Arachne, or "My Fair Mommy" online.

She appeared out of nowhere, it seemed overnight.

"She knits and crochets!" Reviews full of delight,

"And also cross-stitches" Athena was full of spite.

"I'm better!" she tweeted, "My clothes are handsewn!"

"A contest then," the reply. "One where you will be owned."

For three days and three nights they grafted and glittered,

and bedazzled and braided while their followers tittered.

On the fateful third night they created a poll:

"Who's Goodwill Upcycle Was Better?" That was the goal.

The votes were quite even for the first half

But finally Athena pulled ahead with a laugh.

"I've done it!" She shouted and pointed with glee

at Arachne who watched in pure misery.

"A bug underfoot! That's what you are!

For I am superior, and clearly, by far."

So Athena regained her crown unabashed,

while Arachne became a thing of the past.


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