Astrological Match: Virgo


I connect every star with an imaginary line

But also link our fate together with a single red thread.

Love forged upon theinvisible path I paved

Falls perfectly into my own celestial vision.


The stars connected perfectly

To form the celestial virgin on the same mysterious hues

When our eyes first gazed upon all the Earthly wonders.


We discovered the joys

When we share cheesy puns or simply laugh at our failures.

But we also explored our own sorrows,

When we run away from the each other

Hoping the other wouldn't see our pointless tears

From a little argument over a simple joke taken too far.


However, maybe we should change that?

We always seem to plan out every little thing,

Our daily activities or the classes we take,

While also hoping to hold all the answers

To our friends problems.


Maybe instead of following the path paved by died lights,

We should forge our own path.

Maybe even change the positions of the stars.



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