A room empty with dirty walls.

Navajo white with smoke stains .

The lighter areas that used to be covered with paintings and shelf’s .

Nail holes like the punctures in his heart .


Gone .... the past 25 years .

Poof .... it’s all so tenuous .

Having something ... taking things for granted .

Assumptions that proved terribly wrong .

Funny how the perspective changes when it’s not your decision.


The floors ... ancient oak .. irregular pieces .

They blend together in a warming way.

The outcasts when out together are beautiful in their imperfections.

Everyone wants to be a part of something .


The empty shell of a former home.

It will move on with cosmetic changes .

The grass in back .

The now gone redwood hot tub.

Streisand , Garland and Fight Club   

DVDs left behind .

What was was . What is is . Now is now .

Tomorrow is unknown ... it will definitely evolve elsewhere .

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There was an empty screen and I was feeling empty as well.

It just seemed like the idea for that space in time.

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