the assembly line


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students were marching down the aisle in the assembly line
it was not to purchase a ticket to view nyc to nj. it was to address bullying in which all will be fine
as they filled up every seat. every row, there was a moment of silence
so quiet that the noisiest sound was a pin drop
there was a presence of a cop
like innocent scared puppies, students were concerned and worried
a crime was committed, none of them did it
for a moment, they felt like hostages in a chair gasping for air
discussion was about bullying in which that was asked is for people to care
it was about raising awareness about how bullying impact lives
didn't want students to feel like we were killer bees trapping them in hives
it was about coming together as a school community
not seizing the opportunity to change policies to look good by taking way the school's law of immunity
slide shows of in depth meanings and example of bullying changed student's mine sets
i'm not a gambler, i feel confident they'll think twice so i'll place honest bets
it got more heartfelt when a fellow peer spoke about being bully by kids
it got quiet, there was a sense of connection
although she moved on, the experience of being bully brought back memories that require reflection
the good thing was they understood
it was great students heard it from me, even more powerful hearing it from a student
when the assembly was over, students left with a sense of hope
chances feel a whole lot better than a drug attic sniffing lots of dope

Guide that inspired this poem: 


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

point of this poem is to raise awareness of bullying to all high shcool students
setting took place in an auditorium in coming together as a school community
hope you guys enjoy the poem

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