Why do I write, When no one reads? Why do I work so hard, and gain so little? Why do I speak, when no one hears me? Why do I waste my time, when my words are so little? Why am I here? Who am I? Why is the world so critical, When I try to get my life right? Why can't I fly? What is the right side of life, if it turns ripe? If being a believer of God is wrong, why would I want to be right? Why would I waste my time to pray every night? If God's not real, then what is truth? If it's just a word, why do we use it? If lies don't exist, why do we tell them? Why do we look someone in the eye, then be ok to tell them a little lie? That isn't right, isn't it? Ask yourself these questions, why do I follow my dreams, when I can't be myself? Why do I support everyone else, when I can't support myself? Why do I want to be like someone else, when I barely know myself? Why do I bully children? Is it because I hate myself? Or is it because my life isn't going well, so I have to take it out on somebody else? Why can't we support each other? I thought family was supposed to stick together? Or Is it only through black lives matter? Why is the world soft as a feather, claiming to be a badass behind a camera? Is it for clout or attention? Or is it because you don't have any talent, so you have to fake it to make it? Why do we say I love you, when we don't understand each other? Maybe it's because we're afraid of being alone, and are more afraid to admit that to one another? Or is it because she's a gold digger? Or he's a fuck boy? Why is the world so sensitive? Why can't I say anything without the LGBTQ community reporting it? I don't have nothing against you, I'm just asking. Why do some Christians feel entitled? Why do some believe they're better than you, because they know the Bible? Maybe because they believe they'll make it to heaven? Little do they know, judging me won't get them there. Or will it? Why do we speak our minds free, when we care to much on what people think? Maybe because we can only speak our minds nsync, Not out of bravery? Why do we compete with each other? Isn't our reflections suppose to be our worse enemy? Or is it just me? I'll never know, because the world will never change, that's just the way it is. Ask yourself these questions, and be honest with yourself. I bet most won't pass. Because some won't read it, or understand it.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world



This poem slaps. Keep writing, because someone is always listening, even if you don't realize that. Or just write for you. :)


Interesting questions, did you you answer all the questions yourself honestly though?

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