Ask Me Who I Am

Dear world,
He says - we speak English in America
She says - don't speak in your language
Ask me who I am
Ask me how I've built
Upon my American dream
Ask me how I feel
After been told to go back to my country
Ask me who I am
Ask me how I cry
So my sister does not have to
Ask me how I work
So in the future my parents won't have to
Ask me who I am
Ask me how I'm pressured
To chase money over dreams
Ask me why everyone is friend before foe
Ask me who I am
Ask me why my family ran from war
How their village was blasted away
How they ran from the rice fields and saw them in flames
They ask - where are you really from?
It is not where I'm from
But where I am going
Taking the road less traveled
Paving the way for those behind me
Struggling to succeed
I speak the words of determination
Ask not where I'm from but why
We aren't yet united as one - human

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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