You blame me for every tear fallen,

You say I forced you to join the darkness,

You say I stole you from the light,

Yet you continue to consume me whole.

After years of observing you,

 poisoning your lungs,

Allowing me to take control.

Murder, I was killing you without regard,

Regard of your children, and theirs.

But with every inhale you were saying goodbye,

inhale you were swallowing bits and pieces of me, inhale

You say I made you give up the light

to join the darkness,

to join me,

You say I forced myself down your throat, 

 stole your air.

After years of choking my victims,

You were the last person I thought would be my victim,

I see how I’ve destroyed your family

crushed them all, your family of saviors.

But as I reach for your soul,

You practically welcome me with open arms,

allow me to take you,

For that you left them.

After years I continue to hunt you,

I haunt you as I just float over your shoulder

Infesting myself in the air you breathe,

You chose me over family,

now I am your family.

As I create my home inside your lungs,

sit on the couch that rips your lungs,

stand on the floor that steals your air,

drink the water that holds your soul,

it was too late.

You left them for me

Your reality became me,

became the strength I hold over you,

Inhaling me is stronger than the love for them,

I gave you what they couldn’t.

You left them alone with no understanding,

Left them questioning when they’d see you again,

When you’d surprise them with your fake teeth,

 show them new tricks,

hug them like you were the only ones in the world,

Before you left,

you inhaled me whole.

I gave you the darkness,

gave you the pleasure of broken lungs,

of broken hearts, of smoke, of death,

I gave you more than they ever could,

The pleasure.

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My family
Our world
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