As my brain washes the blossoms
My night kindled the portion
Negating the demise of dawn
On a night walk to the towns
In a neighborhood

As my eyes predicted the coming mists
My lips spoke of the hidden gists
About yesterday's hope in vain
On the bereaving ash of pain
Battling my self-peace

My country yard grows wild grapes
And their story's born from the Apes
As I least tell my soul the assuage
To extinct my fear through the passage
Of evil shrines

How do I keep me in peace?
And fear not any hurting piece
Of injustice. Apprenticed to love
Mediating inner freedom like a dove
Sent as sign of revival

How will I wake up grace
To hold my hope in blaze
So that my feeling can crown
Kingship, fragrance, and fury clown
To own this Earth as written.


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