Art in Words

From the soul to the mind

From the mind to a paper

It  is a translation of  my feelings

A language that can only truly be interpereted by me 


Poetry is not about the word that rhymes

But the power of the words from behind

Poetry is like a drug

You get so caught in it you can't tell your imagination from reality


Poetry is your story

It's your art work and how you make it

Poetry is not based on others but on your experience

What is poetry to you?


Are you like me?

Is poetry your second world that you live in

Do you write your way out the world like me?

No poet is the same


Are you a poet?

A poet is not an author

But a speacial author

An author with speacial powers of imagination 


I am a poet

I don't rhyme for a living

I don't write for a living

I simply change the world through my words





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