The Art of Self Love

Throughout the past year,

my beauty has grown upon me.

I've been able to look in a mirror,

and grin because I can accept what I see.

My art has become a way of expression,

and given me a sense of peace.

The vibrancy of colors is my obsession,

and creates quite a unique masterpiece.

I've found joy in following my heart,

but only because I've mastered self love.

Because when you are filled with hate, you can only fall apart.

Theres a point in time when you choose to be above,

but you have to accept who you are to do this.

When you let your depression take control,

You lose sight of yourself.

Social media can destroy you with one scroll.

Stepping away from social media helps oneself.

Find your passions,

and let them light your inner flame.

But balance them in rations.

When you love yourself there is no shame.

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