Art is me is Art

I am not I think I am...


I think I am small.

I think I am inadequate.

I think I am less than.


I am more than what U think I am...


U think I am a burden

U think I am insecure and unhappy 

U think I am nothing more than a waste of space.


I am not what I think I am.

I am not what U think I am.

I am art. 


Art is not defined nor definite.

Art is not perfect and art is not whole.

Art is beautiful and confusing

Art is left to interpretation

Art never fully conveys the artists message

Art is loud and outspoken.


Art is me. 

What makes me 

me is Art.


So critic me.

Judge me.

Scoff at me if you wish.

But what makes me me

Is probably something you are having trouble comprehending. 


I am a patron of the arts.

A patron of myself.

Looking in to masterpieces 

and standing infront of my reflection

wondering who made me so beautifully?

Who cried while making me?

Who sweat while making me?

Who spent the time and energy to complete me?

Who admires me everyday without saying a word?

Who walks by me but doesn't stand to see?

Who stops in their tracks to point out my perfection in individual perceptions they try to share with friends?


So I say

critic me

judge me 

if you wish.

But I am not what I think I am.

I am not what U think I am.

I am art.

I am what I am

and nothing more.




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