The Art of Friendship


   Friendship is the art of forgetting oneself totally, all

selfish needs and wants and getting to know the

person and character of one another.


   It’s learning to accept a person not for what they

are on the outside, but for what they reveal to you

from the inside.


   It’s strengthening oneself with the qualities found

in a friend and the experiences shared with each



   It’s learning and growing to care for a person in

such a way that you hurt when they hurt, and you

are able to feel their joy when it comes to them.


   Friendship means being there to give to one another

without any thought of taking, being they’re to support

one another when they are weak or giving them your

smile when they have lost their own.



   Friendship is the blending of two unique souls to

form a complete with a common bond of love

and caring.


   The art of friendship in it’s most basic form, is love

that cares.


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