The Art Exhibit (A Tribute Poem For Trayvon Martin 1995-2012)

By: Tyree Jackson


In this image,

you cannot see,

that I am


discriminated, stereotyped,

racially profiled, shot at, convicted,

and thrown behind bars;

but most of all, I am a victim.


But who can we blame

for the burdens I have told?

I am a man of color,

my mother's son,

now behold.


So it is through this image,

and in my world, a story unfolds.

As I stare voiceless, my lips sealed closed

at the injustices

that plague me, consume me

to eventually poison me,

and my people.


So stare into my eyes,

and tell me what you see?

am I a human being,

or just some violent

black offspring?


Who is up to no good,

many police officers would say.




I am a drug dealer,

woman beater,


a bastard child


or some dangerous

gang member

who can't speak proper

and initiates fights.


And it is I,

who strikes fear in

white people's hearts, because

I'm just another felon.


So I am an uneducated


black hoodlum,

a by-product from

living my entire life

on the streets.


But most of all, I am

bagged and tagged,

to be buried six-feet deep.









I love your poems and hope to be able to develop the capacity to use words such as yourself, in order to address the injustices of society. Also, I hope to give people a view into the consciousness of young people and see that we are more than rap music,video games and video vixens. 


I absolutely love this poem and the imagery created through the context. It's truly captivating and inspirational. (:

II hope you could spare some time and give me feedback on one of my poems. It'd be nice to get opinions from a great poet.

Jasmine Gomez

Tyree, you are a beautiful person inside and out. Don't let the opinions and mockings of others grab hold of you. You are a child of God and you are HUMAN. The color of your skin is just a bonus because it makes you unique. May God bless you and I love your poetry! Keep writing and never give up! :)


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It's very passion... he is very talented autor. I can feel his writing is from heart.  Want to send comliments from me and my crew



Cushjet Will

This beautiful man

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