To Art, and the Misguided Ambitions I had for Myself


United States
39° 58' 15.2184" N, 84° 52' 39.5004" W

Choosing misperceptions,
Misconstruing and impeding my attempts
At intellectual self-betterment.

Creating notions for myself, falsely,
Of the worlds fabricated and lives changed
By my brush.

Cutting the canvas and scarring the chance
Of achieving life beyond my start, truly,
Crushing me to the ground in every
economical sense of the word.

Impairing my judgement,
Shrouding my eyes .
In false world views I now see.

Over-saturated, wildly imaginative market
Raises and nurtures creativity
To maturity.

Then drowns it like Walt's Hunchback
In the water.


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