Art is All I Need

Tue, 04/12/2016 - 19:20 -- ArelyD

This island, who knows where it is

Alone, but not alone.

There is so much I need, yet only one thing I can't live without

All I need it my art kit.


This island, it holds a new story

I feel imprisoned, but I also feel free.

I will draw, paint, sculpt, carve the new life that awaits me

Blue skies and waters, warm sun and sand

All belonging to a story that will be created through images.


You see a tree, I see a new home

One I can create all by my own.

Every stroke, every smear, every line

Can create story that will be left behind.

One picture, many will think, is with a thousand words

I believe this island which now live on is worth a million.


This island, who knows what is was

Stranded and crowded.

When I left, now that I am gone

Everyone saw all I needed was my art kit.

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