Arsenal of Introspection

She always keeps her memory in her present.

Lest she forget and all will be to no avail.

She keeps her memories in an arsenal of introspection in preparation for the battle.

Each one being another component of armor for her to protect herself against the world.

For each memory that she carries with her,

She reveals the reflection of her character.

She carefully chooses her memories one by one.

Which one will satisfy the one above?

Which one will be most useful in this time of need?

Each memory flitters by successively,

Beckoning her to choose.

Yet not one comes close to appease that which is the truth.

Shall she pick the obvious glimmering one?

Or the dark caliginous one, obscure to all minds.

Whichever one she determines worthy enough for her sovereign love,

will be the compass she will use in her life to come.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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