Armored Exterior

Sat, 08/09/2014 - 16:33 -- drg2266

I live in a shell like an armadillo

Skinny legs, armored exterior

People think I’m scared of the world



Too weak to live without the armor



But under this opaque shell

Is a creature with immense thoughts

A strong heart

A solid soul


So why hide?

Good question.

I state “people don’t define me!”

Yet, they control when I speak, when I act

Or rather, when I don’t speak, when I don’t act.


Their judging eyes intensifies my downfalls

My stumbling voice, my unkempt appearance



I have little


I worry too much over how I’m perceived

Rather than acting on my thoughts, feelings, and desires so that they’ll be achieved.


Then this shell I thought was protecting me

Is actually hindering me


What’s the use of knowing who I am

But just me knows it


Everyone’s self, personality, identity

Are valuable to the world.


Sure, I might get hurt

But others are worth more than my safety

Time to come out now, not wait till I’m 80. 


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