You have your religion.

My faith is the same faith as yours.

But your right to religion

  may not impede

  on the freedom of others.

This "freedome of religion"

is only letting us hate openly.

It promotes prejudice.

How come we, you and I, follow the same religion,

yet my religion tells me to love everybody

and yours allows you to despise and judge?

This is what allowed us 

to hang black men

a short seventy years ago.

White is not superior over black

or hispanic

or Asian

or native American.

Nor is heterosexual superior to homosexual.

Do you want to teach five year-olds

to be racists and sexists?

Because this will enhance the ability

to make a sexual orientationist.

Why don't we sterilize straights,

since they make most of the gays?

Freedom of religion bills will allow

people to kill based on skin color, 

employers to not hire migrants with citizenship,

and bands of skin-heads to persecute Jews.

If you want to destroy

what we've worked so hard to obtain.

If you want to cancel

the entier history of the nation and its progress.

If you want another race war,


Scottsboro trial.

If you want genocide, riots and segregation.

Then pass these bills.

But we will NOT be submissive.

Gays will protest.

Straights will protest.

We will all protest.

We will not follow corrupted leaders.

And just remember:

Jesus would NEVER preach HATE.


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