Ariel's Choice

Ariel, Ariel a girl of sixteen.

Wanting to be more than a fish in the sea.

Unfortunately, she can't take away those genes.

All she wants to do is flee.


She spends her days watching people.

Longing to walk and talk like them.

She sits on a rock and stares at the steeple.

Hoping and wishing for her dream to come.


Little did she know that someone was watching over.

A dark and evil witch.

Planning and plotting, while she hovered.

Sending her spies to snitch.


Ariel, Ariel a girl of sixteen.

Who's dreams were to come true, but at a hefty price.

She was visited by the witch, who called herself a "Queen,"

and told her, "I can add a little spice."


"All you need to do is find someone to love you,

and all you have is three days to make this happen,

or your voice will belong to me and you will have to make do."

The witch laughed and clapped.


A potion was created,

and decisions were made.

Ariel gave up her voice for fate.

and her price was paid.


She didn't chose this for the love of a man.

But for the love of people and how they live.

Little did she know that this decision had her banned,

from the only home and voice she loved.


All alone in a strange place.

Not knowing where to go or what to do.

With no voice, regret filled Ariel's heart in this space.

She sat on the beach overlooking the sea, as the sadness grew.


She spent three days quiet and alone, 

Longing for her family.


Her father searched and searched the sea,

to find his baby girl.

Wanting to be free,

from the misery he felt without his pearl.


News spread throughout the sea about Ariel.

Where she was and how she got there.

Her father leaped and felt ill.

He rushed towards the air.


In the distance he saw her sitting on the beach.

Swimming as fast as a shark chasing its meal.

Ariel saw him and prepare herself for a speech.

But all he did was hug her and she healed.


Waving his Trident, Ariel changed back to her former self.

Everything felt normal again, except not having a voice.


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