For Ariel

Ariel, the girl with the long blonde hair.

The world hasn't had a chance to scare her, because she doesn't understand the gravity of reality.

The reality that she'll never grow up, never move out,

Never get the chance to sprout from seedling to flower, 

Never realize the power withen her.

Reality threatens to devour her perfect dreamland like fire consuming a forrest.

But not today, today Ariel rests.

Dreaming of Cinderella and magical ponies,

As her parents strive to protect her phony expectations of life.

So I pray for more long days, where she can play, 

Without the world tearing her apart.

May it never fully destroy her innocent heart.

Reality, let her be,

Let Ariel be free,

And leave the innocent to dream....

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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