Ariadne and Dionysus

Oh! alas that you were left behind, poor dear maid!

Whilst upon this lone rock on the sea you were laid.


Oh! gone is your Theseus, that era is over,

You’ll not be some thankless Athenian’s lover.


Oh! young maiden, the god of the wine came to you,

All merry with drink and his hair filled with dew.


Oh! blessed to have loved him and been called his bride,

To spend all your years with your love by your side.


Oh! tender to’ve known this one wild god’s worship,

And sweet like the first of the grapes were his lips.


Oh! weeps he that you died and have left him alone!

He tosses to heaven the gems from your crown.


Oh! you were the god’s wife and his children’s mother,

He shan’t take a new bride, there will be no other.

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Rachel Genevieve

Thank you very much!

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