Aren't I?


United States
35° 27' 5.8032" N, 118° 47' 23.1216" W

Aren't I your favorite doll?
The one you love and cuddle?
The one whom you tell all your secrets too?
The one...who sits in that corner and waits?


Aren't I your favorite friend?
The one you laugh and hug?
The one you hate and envy?
The wish you were?


Aren't I your little tail?
Following your every step.
Your every move.
Every sin.


Aren't I the crying clown?
The teardrop painted on my face.
Frozen it stays there.
Waiting for me to raise my brush.


Aren't I your broken heart?
The peices and remains?
The stitches and needle?
The crippled and defiled?


Aren't I the shining sun.
Brightly everyday.
But when night comes along.
I hide in my shadows.


Aren't I just stupid?
Falling over the air.
Adding when I need to subtract.
Lingering when I need to forget.


Aren't I just your stupid toy?
Throw me around.
Toss me.
Break me and cry...


Aren't I just perfect?
Aren't I just special?
Aren't I just a mistake?
Aren't I just a tear.


Well... Aren't I?


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