Are You Ready?


Sometimes it is hard

Sometimes it is just no fair

And sometimes it can be fun

It can be full of laughter

And lots of love.

Sometimes you want to go back,

You want to relive the good

And take away the bad.

But you can't.

You can't go back to it and make it different.

This is life.

How you want to live is up to you

But is it really?

Or is it up to outside forces?

The other people, to the other team?

Is it determined by everyone that is against you?

Or what feels like a small portion of the world with you?

Who else can decide to live with or without regrets?

Who else can make you feel guilty?

Happy, sad remorseful, wanted, needed, or loved?

Who decides your path in life and where you will go?

It is you.

The time is now.

It is time to wake up and start anew.

It is the here and no longer there.

It is not the why, but the how.

It is now and not when.

This is life and it is you.

Are you ready?







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