My cell phone rang non-stop, and I had barely woken up. I looked at the calendar on March 8, an ephemeral day. I took out my cell phone and as soon as I answered it, I heard:WHY DO THEY SAY WE ARE ALL EQUAL regardless of gender?If this is one of the biggest lies that has lasted for centuries, we accept it as a truth even though we do not believe it, no, we do not have it; the same duties, let alone the same rights. And now that I remember, it was not so long ago that we were prohibited from accessing the education system. That in order to consider the possibility of having a job, we had to ask the husband for authorization. And they in turn, most of the time, said “NO” because they thought that our personal goals and financial independence were already accomplished by getting married and taking care of our children. And the woman who did not want to have children or marry, was demonized and humiliated until she felt ashamed, for the decision she dared to make.And voting, it was a completely masculine exercise. Because someone had the brilliant idea of ​​thinking that women had no reason to choose who would have to maintain the security of the territory in which they lived and their power. In some places it was not even allowed to choose who to marry, how to dress or behave. We had to be, exactly, in the place where they found and forced us to be, without question. Women do not speak bad words, women do not make decisions, women cannot be bosses, only have bosses. And so, they were labeling us and putting us in a box until we created patterns. And a few arduous years later: we have already been able to study, vote, and even work. Rights that have always been ours, so we cannot fool ourselves, relax and think that we have achieved a lot, and be left with the feeling of << it is already >>.Because that is not about what we have already done, but about what we still have to do. So that equal participation in public life is a right that every woman now and for generations to come.There are already jobs but under what conditions? Do they have a voice and power in decision-making?Are they harassed by colleagues and bosses?What are the laws in our constitution, functional and existing in the face of this type of situation? Do such laws remain in place or have they already been applied? There are several issues. But women, we don't need to prove that we are capable, we are. And if inequality crosses our paths, preventing us from passing, we do not ask for favors, we jump on top of it and impose ourselves. And for that, you need to dream big, and run after goals with strength, determination and courage. And do not be unimportant about what I say, as this is the container that I used to convey this message to you.Nor do they accuse us of disparaging our place of speech. Because we know that we don't need help to fight for ourselves and for our causes. But we will use all the resources and mechanisms at our disposal to demand GENDER EQUALITY, in every way. To even get into some of these bodies, because for many or few: men ARE STILL THE MOST HEARD.

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