Are Drugs My Friend Or My Enemy


Thoughts of drugs swim through my head

I feel inside some burning lead

Right now im clean but I feel so hallow

I’m finding out how hard reality is to swallow


I miss my friends that brought me serenity

They created in me a whole new identity

They made me happy when nothing else could

They were there for me when no one else would


How could I love something that ruined my life so

These cravings are hard and they make me feel low

How can I stay away from these drugs that I love

I think I’ll need help from more than what’s high above


I want to be happy but how is that possible

I know my last path is really un-crossable

But where will I find this so called joy

I haven’t even felt that since I was a boy


I feel hurt and lost without the other me

Even though the other me was not a good thing to be

But nonetheless I still feel sad and gone

Still I have to wake up every dawn


And act like the past was never there

Because when I think on it it’s hard to bear

Life goes on and it’s all the same

But every day I experience this like it’s all a game


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