The Architect

Mon, 09/08/2014 - 03:10 -- KatieC

Drained and deranged,

I dreamed I could build beauty.

Blueprinted, diagrammed

Just a god in a cage.


I mapped out the gestures

And the wisecracks,

And the manners,

But science and splendor don’t mix.


During construction, I let a beam drop,

Seems my pride came along,

Lost myself in the jester’s eyes

Of a strange passer-by.


Strewn are sketches of men who

Enliven the insomniac quiet,

But mine is the soul and the silence

That softens the jagged dusk.


Maybe I once wished on watches

For a learned life of lust,

But all I needed was a wistful ear

And a vagabond’s forgiveness.


So I’ll meticulously shred

These plans to staggered squares

Flaunt the mosaic failure in the window

Like a flag, surrender stained in every crevice.


This is cheating on perfection.

This is falling away with faith.

All for the smile

Of a strange passer-by.


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