Approach With Caution


I am like the dark.

A vast, intricate enigma.

Everybody can see that I’m there.

Some people choose to embrace me. I do not seek, but lie in wait.

Few people can understand some of me, some of what I hold.

No one can understand all of me, every mystery that lies within.

Approach with caution, as I am unpredictable. A blind venture may gift you with far more than what you bargained for.

I can swallow souls, steal bodies, twist minds, make you lose your grip, lose yourself.

I can be a sanctuary, a place of solace and reflection. I can bring peace, escape, comfort and safety.

I rest when things are in motion.

I revel when all goes still…

My ways of life are in stark contrast to yours.

I can hold your darkest wishes, your most damning truths.

Your deepest secrets have a place with me.

I am dangerous.

I have seen things that in a pure world, should be contained.

My cover is a lure for the unspeakable.

I have committed my own atrocities, moving on from each seamlessly, without a backward glance.

I do not regret. I only move forward.

Refrain from the fallacy that you know me, because I guarantee you never will.

Never assume that I feel about you how you feel about me, because getting to the heart of me is a rare feat.

Think before you trust me, because I can be a force of destruction.

Waste your energy fighting me if you must, but I will not be fatally pierced.

Heed this warning before you love me, for I may end up draining you dry.

Receive these words with fervor, as I pen them for your sake.

Keep your distance so I won’t harm you; proceed slowly if you wish to take the risk.



Very Mysterious... you seem to be or at least interpret equally.


Thank you, that is what I was going for. :)

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