While social distancing,

During the pandemic,

I remained hopeful,

Throughout each day,

And became strronger,

While finding my way,


I slowly developed a more heartfelt appreciation,

Of what it means,

To cherish,

And learn from,

Each and every moment,

With a positive attitude,


Just like an orchard,

Continuing to stand,

In the midst of our world,

And presence,

After enduring snowstorms,

For several days on end,


So many times,

I've gone throughout days,

And weeks,

While taking each hour for granted,

But during quarantine,

I became more resilient,

And found that,

There's so much more value,

In creating unforgettable memories,

Than I have realized,


Like going on an adventure,

Of soul-searching,

Through an unknown place,

While taking notice,

To the fact,

That everything in life,

Is of treasurous value,


While social distancing,

I have learned the importance,

Of living life,

To the fullest extent,

While viewing each day,

As a marvelous opportunity,

To keep trying hard,

With the knowledge,

That every moment,

Spent with family and friends,

Counts the most,

While we search,

For never-ending faith. 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
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