Sometimes you don’t realize
What you have.
Not really knowing that your life is precious and a gift.
Not really knowing that your life is better than others
Living the good, good.

Sometimes you don’t realize
That mama breaks her back to get things done
Father, NO not needed in the pic

Mama play both roles that’s all that matters.

Sometimes even when you don’t appreciate the most important things to you
Sometimes not even appreciating the things that really matters.

Sometimes really not looking at the big picture
How blessed your living.
Seeing who is in your life and that there’s a reason for them to be in it.
Understanding what your life really holds.

Appreciation, that’s when big reality hit in.

Starting to appreciate everything,
to the littlest to the bigger things.

Appreciate mama
For taking care of kids all on her own
With no kind of help
How she always get the job done.

Appreciate life, because lives are being took each and every day.
Appreciate life because it has so much to offer.
Appreciate life more because you lost a loved one and realizing to appreciate family to the bone.
Appreciate life and actually wake up and smell the coffee.
Appreciate loved ones more and more because at the end of the day you know that’s all you got
Appreciating more and more.
Appreciate education because it is a privilege and spectacular important thing.
How many kids are dying to have a diploma and degree.
Appreciate the high ride, living life and moving back the blockade within front of your eyes.

I am actually realizing what I have and appreciating more and more
When the sun arises
to the going down of the moon.

Appreciate all that you have because life is a gift and an amazing thing, plus the people in it,
Awards, degrees, surprises, blessing and not always the materialistic things.

Having Appreciation thats all the world needs.
Apprectiating all things goes a very long way.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

another great poem you created

should recite this at an open mic

this poem would move the crowd

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