The Apple Tree

Wed, 06/12/2013 - 16:35 -- Anick22


United States
44° 46' 33.0168" N, 93° 16' 6.3192" W

I never once had a plan
my mom a drunk
my dad abandoned
for whatever reason
it was just unfair
so how could I
an emotionally hurt human being
do better
than the tree she had fell from
Neither went to college
neither had ambition, hopes, or dreams
just a child on accident
how could I do better
after all
I do know better
could I get taken in by my aunt and grandmother
could I work hard, put my hurt feelings undercover
could I
emotionally strong
and graduate high school
apply for college, get in
and take out a $18,000 loan
just to be, know, and do better than the tree that I fell from?
Could I be different, due to determination, faith and most importantly my God?
Could I?

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